The Compagnia di San Paolo’s commitment

Awareness of the artistic and historical value that sacred buildings have represented for the history of Turin and the growing interest in the systemic enhancement of historic town centre have led the Compagnia to support religious heritage, recovering some of the architectural gems in the oldest part of the city.

The project kicked off in 2001 and since then over € 25 million has been invested in a restoration campaign for the more architecturally important churches, often near secular buildings with their own architectural value, to promote a systemic itinerary among the buildings bearing witness to religious Baroque art side by side with the restoration and enhancement of museum heritage of the city.

This plan is part of the wider framework to set up an urban area of culture, where interaction between quality architecture, a museum system and venues for performing arts and the production of culture can become a trigger for the long-term development of Turin.

The Compagnia di San Paolo has promoted a project aimed at spreading awareness of Turin’s religious architectural heritage and the knowledge of the importance that sacred buildings and the works of art they contain represent in the city’s cultural offering. Instruments have therefore been created – such as a series of information cards by the Guarino Guarini Association –  which can be found in the city’s main churches and which offer visitors the information needed for an itinerary to discover architectural and artistic masterpieces  which are often overlooked.

In view of the importance that this heritage has for Via Garibaldi’s road axis where architecture and art meet in the heart of the town centre, the Compagnia proposes a calendar of cultural events which will be held in the Santi Martiri, Arciconfraternita della Santissima Trinità and the Arciconfraternita della Misericordia churches .

For further information please see the calendar of events